Rural Water Supply System: NSP Solar Pump

This "Rural Water Pump" is an ideal supply system for water well construction / drilling anywhere on earth (see Solar Energy Map). Specifically for:

    Charity Help Relief Aid Organizations and Associations 
          Sustainable Development Aid, Water Supply in  Remote and Rural Areas
          Resale, Distribution, Construction of the system
    Private Persons 
          Water supplies, Irrigation- Desalination Plants

...who want to become independent of an electric supply, save costs and enhance value & quality with a future-oriented approach!

With the power of the sun into a better future!

Function / Purpose

Photovoltaic panels produce energy which is transformed by a brushless electric motor (without a battery). The electric motor drives a gear which causes a winder to rotate; this winder is connected to the pumping lever and causes it to move up-and-down. Above the well floor is the pump piston. Through the up-and-down movement the water is pumped to the surface.

Applications / Uses

The NSP Solar Pump has been designed specifically to provide a constant and sufficient water supply in remote and rural regions. These water supplies can be drinking water supplies, irrigation or salt water processing. The plant can be set-up inexpensively and with standard tools.


The focus in the construction of our plants is on high quality. We only use wear-free materials, and due to using in the pumping area salt water resistant stainless steel, the pump does not suffer from corrosion or wear and tear. This means our pumping stations can also be used in regions in vicinity to the sea or saliniferous regions for water supply, or in desalination plants.


The pump piston pumps the water to the surface and produces the delivery rate. The delivery rate depends on the well depth and the water level
Depending on well depth and delivery rate, different pump pistons can be used. Our company offers standard products as well as individual solutions tailored to your specific requirements, to get the maximum delivery rate out of your water well.


We pay particular attention to the choice of materials used in the construction and set-up of our solar well pumps to prevent wear and tear and the need for maintenance. We use quality parts, special sealing solutions and lifetime lubrication, so that our solar well pumps can withstand the local conditions and work efficiently in remote / rural areas.

Amortisation (time until cost-savings equal pump purchase price)

The amortisation of the NSP Solar Pump is achieved within a very small period of time – within less than 2 years in most cases.

EXAMPLE: Underwater pump with power generator

The required amount of diesel or petrol for a water well pump driven by a power generator is about 20 to 30 litres per day.
If you calculate EUR 1 per litre fuel, assuming a minimum consumption of 20 litres, this adds up to:

  Fuel  Costs  Time
  20 litres  20 EUR  daily
  600 litres  600 EUR  monthly
  7.200 litres           7.200 EUR          annually fuel costs         

EXAMPLE: Hand Pump

Hand pumps are used effectively up to a delivery height of about 50 metres. This delivery height produces a delivery rate of less than 10 litres of water per minute in most cases, however. In comparison, the NSP Solar Pump provides 3 to 15 times more output with the same delivery height (depending on model).

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Author: Dietmar Stuck